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The World of the Forsaken

Werewolves are connected to both the spirit or shadow world and the physical or “real” world. They are creatures of barely contained rage and hunger but also creatures of great spiritual connection. Player Character werewolves are called the Forsaken based on the legend of their origin. Father Wolf kept a balance between the shadow world and the physical world but he grew weak. Like any pack, a new alpha was required to take his place. He had 9 children (the Firstborn) from his union with the Spirit of the Moon.
• 1 of his children died immediately from his terrible dying howl.
• 5 of his children struck him down and became the Forsaken.
• 3 of his children would not and the Pure, swearing bloddy revenge.

The Forsaken – or 5 Tribes of the Moon – attempt to honor Father Wolf and Mother Moon by keeping balance between the physical and spirit world. What happens in either the physical world or the shadow world has consequences on the other side. The spirits neither appreciate this work nor accept it. Most spirits don’t like the 5 Tribes and have to be bullied, bribed or hunted. They want more influence in the physical world. Many spirits are hostile to the denizens of the physical world and it’s inhabitants. Extreme human actions in the physical can also negatively impact the shadow. Balance is the key to the Forsaken.

The Pure care nothing for the moon and hunt the Forsaken down for their crime of existence. They are many and actively attack the Forsaken. There are less than half a million werewolves in the world, and less than half of those are Forsaken. Other things hunt the Forsaken as well. Dark spirits, possessed humans, and strange creatures called the Host, which are like deadly spiritual vermin hiding in the physical world.

Within the all werewolves exists an even stronger bond – the pack. Each pack is like a family. A pack and its territory are typically the most important things in the life of a Forsaken. The pack bond is rarely broken and the Forsaken at large mostly leave packs to run their territory how they see fit. Some packs are more serious than others about balance but all packs hold their territory dear and will fight for it.

Werewolves use Essence and this gathers at Loci. A locus is a place where the barrier or ‘gauntlet’ between the shadow world and the physical is thin or weak. However, balance suggests that loci be monitored and kept in control. A locus is also a place where dark things can cross over so a locus must be guarded on both sides of the gauntlet.

In short, a werewolf has many enemies and the only thing you can count on is the pack.

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